January 26, representatives from STEP and Co-opBank have attended the workshop, which was organized by ADB and SBV.

Participants of the workshop involved: PCFs, Co-opBank, National Financial Supervisory Commission (NFSC), SBV, Vietnam Deposit Insurance, and VAPCF.

The workshop has conveyed presentations on:

  • International cooperative apex trends and practices
  • Cases on the development of some cooperatives’ apex
  • Discussion on the activities and development of Co-opBank and VAPCF

During the workshop, as guest speakers, Rudolf Schuetz (Field Director) and Jean Beaudoin (DID consultant) have delivered presentations on Desjardins Group and our project.

Notably, among the presenters was Sigitas Bubnys, an expert who worked with DID in some past projects.

It was a great chance for open talk between STEP, Co-opBank, PCFs and related parties in the micro-finance sector