Core Banking System implementation for the People’s Credit Funds Network

Planned starting date: October 2018

Location: Hanoi and selected province(s) in Vietnam

Duration of the contract: 12 months (tentatively)


Développement international Desjardins (DID) is currently seeking a qualified IT supplier to implement a Core Banking System (CBS) for the People’s Credit Funds network with the STEP project, a technical assistance project targeting capacity building for the Cooperative Bank of Vietnam (Co-opBank) and its network of financial cooperatives, the People’s Credit Funds (PCFs). The mandate entrusted to DID under the STEP project involves coaching and advising the Co-opBank and its network of PCFs during a transformation and modernization process intended to increase their integration and performance. Specifically, DID supports its partners in organizational and operational assessment and capacity building with respect to governance, management/planning, supervision, risk management, training and development/deployment of new financial products/services, in particular for clients in rural areas. This five-year project (2016-2021) is financed by Global Affairs Canada.


The PCFs network originated from local cooperative credit unions, which were formed by farmers and small entrepreneurs. The mission of PCFs is to provide mutual benefits for their members in order to reduce poverty, improve their livelihood and generate economic opportunities. A total of 1,186 PCFs in 56 of the 63 cities and provinces are located mainly in rural areas with 2 million members reaching 8 million households. Within this network, PCFs use a diverse number of CBS solutions that potentially constitute an obstacle to offer services to members and to monitor efficiently the financial performance and risks. With all different kind of data, the high number of PCFs and autonomous structure, it is hard to consolidate all the results. CBS solutions used in the PCFs are outdated software solutions which require many operations to be completed manually. The current CBS solutions at the PCFs are not well adapted to the new technologies and there is the high level of risk in case of natural disasters, loss of information and data. STEP project would like to standardize the CBS solution used in the PCFs network in a private cloud environment. State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) regulatory requirements and Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) principles are the core standards to be followed by the potential CBS solution. A pilot phase will be done at one (1) PCF and the success of this implementation will determine the potential scalability of the CBS solution for the PCFs network.


The main tasks to be completed are summarised below:

  • Perform analysis of existing system in PCFs
  • Study business requirements
  • Customise CBS solution to the requirements of the PCF
  • Perform system installation
  • Perform data migration between old CBS system and new CBS system
  • Perform testing
  • Conduct technical trainings and business trainings
  • Conduct periodical maintenance


  • The Tenderer should have experience during the past five (5) years in providing a Core Banking Solution system.
  • The Tenderer should have completed at least two (2) successful contracts involving the development, supply, implementation and support of an integrated CBS and components of the system and related linkages, and preferably at least one of them was in a country environment similar to that of Vietnam.
  • The Tenderer should have sound financial standing, necessary for undertaking the assignment.
  • The Tenderer should have expertise in specialized technology areas, such as Data Centre & DRS Management, Networking, Security architecture, Application & Database Architecture, Cloud-Based Computing, Scalability standards and Performance Evaluation and benchmarking, etc.
  • The Tenderer shall have a professional team to provide pre & post implementation support to the PCFs in selected provinces across Vietnam.

Interested parties are invited to receive the detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) by email only from Ms. Tran Thi Hoang Yen, E-mail: yen.tran-thi-hoang@did-step.com, and submit their proposal exclusively composed in English. Any request for clarification should also be sent to this address before Wednesday, August 15th 2018, at 17:00 hrs local Vietnam time.

Deadline for the tender proposal submission: Friday, August 31st 2018.

Qualified bidders will be notified of the outcome of their bids by Monday, October 1st 2018.