Wednesday afternoon, June 13, a meeting has been held at the venue of State Bank of Vietnam (SBV). The meeting involved discussion between SBV, GAC, Co-opBank, DID and STEP team on the current situation as well as future development of STEP project.

Attending the meeting were the key leaders of all related parties, especially:
– Mr. Đào Minh Tú, Deputy Governor of SBV
– Ms. Kate Reekie, Counselor, Head of Cooperation, Embassy of Canada
– Mr. Martin Ruel, DID Program Senior Director Inclusive Finance
– Mr. Lionel Pellizari, DID Program Manager
and other experts and colleagues from all parties.

The meeting was initiated to clarify on GAC’s budget reduction for the current fiscal year and to discuss the role and tasks of SBV in the STEP project.

The meeting was a crucial step toward more regular connection between the project and SBV, as well as a preparation for the coming Project Steering Committee meeting.