Thursday, Aug 2, Dr. Đào Minh Tú, SBV Deputy Governor chaired an official 3-hour meeting with STEP team, SBV and Co-opBank to receive an overview on the current progress and to receive an in-depth presentation from the STEP-DID expert team on the respective component (IT, Product&Service, and Risk and Credit Management). 

The presentations highlighted the methodologies, key findings, and recommendations that were integrated into the Project Implementation Planning. The presentations were followed by a lively discussion with constructive comments and feedback from the audience.

Dr. Tu unanimously agreed on the contents and findings as very relevant and important for the upcoming PCF network re-organization and re-structuring. STEP’s diagnosis results will be an integral part at the upcoming SBV senior management meeting end of August. He acknowledged and appreciated the continued support from STEP, and encouraged a continued cooperation and meeting between STEP and relevant SBV units.