On Friday, 12 June, 2020, STEP has successfully conducted its first 2 half-day training sessions on the PRMS system (‘PCF Report Management System’) for staff and managers of Co-opBank HO, the end users of this new innovative solution.

This training is a preliminary session that focuses on introducing the overall structure of the PRMS and its main functionalities to stimulate the users’ interests to explore the system further and adapt it to their own line of works. The PRMS is a Management Information System, which replaces Co-opBank’s Cfe-MIS system and supports the institution to effectively fulfill its risk monitoring mandate towards the PCF network and strengthening its role as an apex institution.

One of the innovative functionalities of the PRMS is the gender dashboard that has been integrated into this system. This dashboard, which allows end users to visualize specific sex-disaggregated indicators on PCFs depositors and borrowers, attracted great attention from the training participants. The deployment of this gender dashboard is part of an updated monitoring strategy contributing to benchmark the PCFs gender performance, and identify gender-specific needs, behaviors and market development opportunities.

This training also equips another STEP-developed solution, the e-learning platform, as the first step to gradually familiarize Co-opBank with this learning medium which ensures the sustainability and scalability of the project interventions.