On Thursday 17 September 2020, the Strengthening the People’s Credit Funds network (STEP) project successfully conducted the kick-off session of the training on basic online facilitation for 33 staff of 12 branches and the Training Center of CoopBank. In this session STEP introduced the new e-learning platform and emphasized the roles of the trainers of CoopBank branches in supporting PCFs using this new channel.
After the kick-off session the trainers of CoopBank – divided in 2 groups – will go through the contents of two online training courses, one about cash-flow based lending methodology and loan appraisal tool and one about internal audit tool kit for PCFs. From October 2020 these two bended courses (the face-to-face introduction session followed with online training phase) will be provided to the 75 pilot PCFs. The trainers of CoopBank will support the 75 pilot PCFs during the online training phase as well as the deployment of new products and tool kits in their PCFs.
The STEP project (Développement International Desjardins in partnership with Co-opBank) aims to increase financial access for Vietnamese men and women in rural and agricultural areas thanks to a more integrated and better-performing PCFs network and Co-opbank. The establishment of the new e-learning portal will enlarge the effective support capacity of the CoopBank to the PCFs as well as provide new way of access useful knowledge and updated tools for the PCFs.