On Friday, December 4th, 2020, STEP project completed the last training of the series of 9 sessions for 75 pilot PCFs in 3 regions of Vietnam. The training sessions started in October 2020, due the typhoons and floods in the center region of Vietnam some sessions were re-scheduled.

More than 300 employees and managers from the 75 pilot PCFs have been introduced in the new e-learning platform of STEP project and also the 2 advanced e-learning courses on Products & Services and Internal Audit in PCFs. The events were also good opportunity for fruitful discussions between the managers of PCFs with representatives of STEP and Co-opBank on change management in the PCFs, their current reality, needs of PCFs and possible interventions of STEP project.

After the one and half day face-to-face training sessions the staff of PCFs will continue to complete the two e-learning courses by the end of December 2020. Participants were also supported by the Co-opBank trainers at the branches who were trained by STEP on the training facilitation and the e-learning platform in September 2020.
The e-learning platform of STEP was selected and implemented in the first half of 2020. Up to now, more than 500 users from Co-opBank head office, branches and 75 participating PCFs have been enrolled in different online courses on the platform.

The strategic change to an online/blended training methodology was discussed and agreed with the partners in the 4th quarter of 2019, in order to provide efficient and modern support to the participating PCFs during the deployment phase of the deliverables and tools developed by STEP project.