eBanking System for the Co-opBank and the People’s Credit Funds Network
Planned starting date: April 2021
Location: Hanoi and selected province(s) in Vietnam
Duration of the contract: 12 months (tentatively)

Développement International Desjardins (DID) is currently seeking a qualified IT supplier to provide and implement an eBanking System for the Co-operative Bank of Vietnam (Co-opBank) and the People’s Credit Funds network in the framework of the STEP project, a technical assistance project targeting capacity building for the Co-opBank and the PCFs network.

The People’s Credit Funds (PCF) network originated from local co-operative credit unions, which were formed by farmers and small entrepreneurs. The mission of PCFs is to provide mutual benefits for their members in order to reduce poverty, improve their livelihood and generate economic opportunities. A total of 1,186 PCFs in 56 of the 63 cities and provinces are located mainly in rural areas with about 2 million members. Mainly, PCFs are providing loans and term deposits and in the future, intend to offer other baking products/ services to their members through digitized technology.

Co-opBank is a co-operative credit institution acting as an apex institution for the PCF network. With the support of STEP, Co-opBank wants to become a stronger apex institution for the PCF network based on digitized technology.

IT development has to be coordinated and linked by the IT Center with other departments of Co-opBank and in line with the SBV regulations and compulsory requirements. It is important to establish the feasibility and effectiveness of technology solutions to provide supports to Co-opBank Head Office to improve its leading approach as an apex. The scope of the eBanking system in this stage shall be a part of the above mentioned roadmap (the specific scope is presented In the RFP)

Interested tenderers are invited to receive the detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) via email only from Ms. Rachel Tardif, E-mail:, and submit their proposal in bilingual, English and Vietnamese.

Any request for clarification should also be sent to this email address before Monday, 22nd of February 2021, at 17:00 hrs local Vietnam time.
Deadline for the tender proposal submission: Monday, 8th of March 2021, at 17:00 hrs local Vietnam time.
Qualified tenderers will be notified of the result of their bids by Friday, 2nd of April 2021.