On April 27th, 2021, STEP Project has initiated a series of training sessions on the technical use of the 22 output reports part of the People’s Credit Funds Report Management System (PRMS) for the Co-opBank end-users. The main goal pursued is to reinforce the in-depth oversight capacities of the Co-opBank so that it can monitor and ensure the financial inclusion and rural development missions of the PCF network.

The Co-opBank officers and managers participating in these sessions are trained in analyzing and interpreting the financial situation of each individual PCF with a multidimensional approach, which includes a gender-disaggregated perspective of the most critical key performance indicators. Assessing the sustainability and performance of the PCFs under both financial and sociodemographic dimensions is crucial for Co-opBank to orientate its strategic and operational decisions and accompany the PCFs in their social and development roles.

Shortly, the PCFs will be given access to the PRMS enabling them to detect and control more effectively arising risks thus improving their overall financial performance and outreach to impoverished segments of the rural population. STEP is confident that the Co-opBank officers and managers capacitated in the use of the PRMS output reports will play a key role in the coaching of the PCF end-users.

The main focus of STEP remains the financial inclusion of the vulnerable segments of the Vietnamese population, in particular in rural areas, by promoting the access to affordable and adapted financial products and services through which good practices in gender equality, women empowerment and fight against climate change are pillars of its interventions.