One of the core objectives at the basis of STEP’s logic model is to provide CBV with the necessary support to improve its oversight capacity of the PCF network by most specifically reinforcing its risk monitoring framework and methodology. Therefore, STEP designed, developed and deployed in close collaboration with CBV a management information system (MIS), named PCF Reporting Management System (PRMS), to answer to this specific need. The PRMS is in operation since June 2020 and has been running without any major issues since then and has been meeting STEP’s and Co-opBank’s expectations.

On the other hand, the reinforcement of gender equality within the PCF network is another important pillar of intervention of STEP. Apart from having been designed to generate a wide range of financial reports, a goal pursued in the development of the PRMS is to have access to financial information on a gender-disaggregated basis.

As of now, a complete access to gender-disaggregated data still needs to developed and is the main objective pursued by this reference for proposal.


Currently, 04 dashboards presenting gender-disaggregated data can be found in the PRMS but their developmentis incomplete and their design must be improved to serve the end users effectively. STEP desires to maintain a number of 04 gender-disaggregated data dashboards upon the completion of this additional development phase.

The scope of work is divided into 3 development components:
i. Visual layout of the dashboards
ii. Gender-disaggregated data models
iii. Data marts and their linkage with the business intelligence software and end-user portal

More details on the inclusion of the specific functions at the level of each chart of the dashboards can be found HERE.


Interested tenderers are invited to send the proposal to:
Mr. Pham Cong Bang – Banking and Finance Advisor via email at: bang.pham-cong@did-step.com

  • Proposal must be presented in English (mandatory)
  • Proposal must include the following pricing information:
    • Total price of the quotation in US dollars with and without VAT
    • Price breakdown for the respective development costs of the 3 components described in section 3 (3.1, 3.2 and 3.3)
    • Estimated number of person-hour respectively associated to the development of the 3 components described in section 3 (3.1, 3.2 and 3.3)

Deadline for the submission of the tender proposal:
Sunday, 22 th of August 2021, at 17:00 hrs local Vietnam time.

Qualified tenderers shall be notified of the result of their bids within 10 business days following the submission deadline.