On October 19th, STEP and Co-opbank Vietnam organized a webinar on gender equality with the participants of representatives from 24 PCFs and 12 CBV branches as well as representatives of GAC and CBV HO. Gender equality is an important pillar of STEP project, following Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy and in parallel with Vietnam’s national strategy on gender equality.

In the webinar, Dr. Khuat Thu Hong, the Director of ISDS, provided statistics and key findings from different reports on gender inequality in Vietnam. It learnt on what we lost from gender inequality, pressures that society is putting on men’s shoulders. Some suggested solutions for better gender equality at workplace has been raised during discussion.

In the second part, participants openly shared their opinions related to gender equality. And how they are implementing it at work, and giving advice to each other to create a more equal workplace. That was a good chance to hear both genders’ voices, on how each gender thinks and expects to have from the other one. We believe that with more discussions and actions, women will soon be as equal as men in all aspects.