On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s day, CBV and STEP organized a talk show on Gender Equality at the workplace with the participation of about 300 employees in HO and 32 branches connected online. The talk show welcomed Ms. Tu Thu Hien (Founder of WISE – Women’s initiative for Startups and Entrepreneurship) and Mr. Truong Anh Ngoc (Journalist at Vietnam News Agency), who are actively working in promoting gender equality every day, as guest speakers.

Thanks to the inspirational sharings and discussion with guest speakers, audiences are reminded on manifestations of gender inequality, gender stereotypes and labels that holding back women. Besides, the guest speakers also shared some proven benefits of practicing gender equality in companies, and organizations to not only female employees but also male colleges and the companies themselves. That encouraged audiences, employees and managers of CBV, to think about actions that could be applied to reduce gender bias and promote equality at the workplace.

During this event, STEP and CBV managers emphasized again the important roles and contributions of women in the development of our organizations, from professions to the daily work environment. We would like to express our warmest thanks and congratulations to all Vietnamese women for this special day.

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